Winner Chickens and Their Characteristics in Cockfighting S218

Winner Chickens and Their Characteristics in Cockfighting S218 – Maybe you have read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, following the harvesting chicken and its characteristics in the s128 cockfighting gambling game.

Choosing a Champion Fighting Chicken is a job that can be said to be something that is not difficult to do. But for a beginner, this is quite difficult to do. Therefore, a novice bettor must really know the specific ways to choose a winning chicken. So you can get the chicken EXACTLY and ACCURATE.

The game of cockfighting continues to develop rapidly from time to time. Where cockfighting can now be played ONLINE even with only Android / IOS cellphones. Of course this makes it easier for Indonesians who really like cockfighting games. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to make cockfighting games as one of the main sources of income even as a very interesting entertainment.

Victory is certainly the main goal of every player. Where a bettor must really know the characteristics of a winner chicken. That way, a bettor can win the cockfighting game online much easier.

The head of a winning or quality fighting cock is shaped like a betel nut. The head of the chicken is a little small. This supports the chicken to be able to move more agile and agile. Chicken head with this shape is difficult to hit the opponent’s chicken. So, the endurance of chickens when fighting is even more perfect. This shape is also supported by a much sturdier chicken neck. The skin on the face of the chicken looks thick and the comb looks like “Blankon”. Finding a chicken according to these criteria is certainly quite difficult and requires extra patience. However, if you can find a chicken with this characteristic, the chances of winning an online cockfighting game are even more open.
The breasts of the winning fighting cocks are much more broad. When seen from the top, the chicken’s breast and tail perfectly resemble the letter “V”. This chicken breast is an indicator if the breathing room of the fighting cock is much wider. Chicken breath is much longer and it is not easy to feel tired when fighting.
Also note the legs of a fighting cock. Like the thighs like grasshoppers, flattened when seen in front, but stocky when seen on the side. You can also consider the calves of fighting cocks. Champion fighting chicken calves usually have thick scales and are shaped like a bat in a baseball game. The base is smaller and enlarges towards the claws. Chickens with calves like this can blow a lot harder.
Besides physical, you can judge based on the fighting technique of the fighting cocks. You are the control type, the ngalung type, the slob type, and the other fighting types. The trick is to watch the fighting cocks fight LIVE through the live streaming feature provided by a trusted online cockfighting site.
The next way is to pay attention to the pedigree of a fighting cock. A champion fighting cock certainly has a quality chicken pedigree. Because chickens with a champion chicken lineage certainly have special techniques that other chickens will not have. Therefore, chickens from the Jawaran lineage can provide a much more SURE chance of winning compared to other chickens.…